Just a Little Update: Finished with Fated to Love You Korean Version

It’s been a long time since I have updated this blog. I have been very busy with work and schooling while watching dramas and movies at the same time. Not to mention, I have been reading few manga on the side and watched some anime too. It seems I can’t get rid of it out my system.

Fated to Love You Poster

Anyway, I currently finished watching “Fated To Love You” Korean Version. Honestly, though the drama was a remake, I can say it still has an impact. The actors and actresses were all great. I had a great time laughing and crying all by myself. It was really amazing. The chemistry between Jang Hyuk and Jang Na Ra is simply amazing. They were also amazing when they first teamed up for “Successful Story of a Bright Girl” but since they have matured over the years as an artist, I prefer them both in this drama.

Fated to Love You Korean Version


Oh well, I am going to miss this drama as well as  Jang Hyuk’s laugh. If you haven’t watched this drama, then watch it and you will understand why I am going to miss his contagious laugh. :p

Aside from the great cast, I also like the OST of this drama. This is the second Korean drama with an OST that I like. The first one was from The Master’s Sun: Crazy of You and Touch Love. I also like two songs from this drama, namely “Morning of Canon” and “Goodbye My Love.” The songs are very touching, the tune and the lyrics.

How about all my KDRAMA and JDRAMA friends? Wazzup with life? What dramas are you currently watching?

My November Ongoing Korean Drama List

It’s been awhile now since I stopped watching completed Korean dramas. Aside from the fact that completed dramas give me a hard time controlling myself, I get tempted to read reviews and search about the ending which usually affects my interests. If the drama is good, I tend to watch them non-stop. If not, I stop watching them.

Now, I pride myself in watching ongoing dramas (at least for now). Watching them gives me time to do other things like writing this blog post and others. Since I don’t know the ending, I always anticipate new episodes. It gives me the chance to judge each drama on my own.

november kdrama list 2013

So far, my November ongoing Korean drama lists are as follows…
The Suspicious Housekeeper
Empress Ki
The Heirs
Reply 1994

I initially watched “Marry Him If You Dare” but somehow I lost interest around Episode 4. I am not sure if I am going to watch it again but probably not as of this month.

Jang Geun SukAnyway, Jang Geun Suk will have a new drama that will air later this month entitled “Pretty Man.” I am waiting for it and probably add it up on my list as well. Though Jang Geun Suk lately lands on roles that always have similar characters, I am hoping that this drama will give the audience a different feel just as much as what “The Heirs” did to Lee Min Ho. At first, I didn’t like the concept of Lee Min Ho’s character in “The Heirs.” It gave the impression of another “Boys Over Flowers” drama but after a few episodes, I was impress how the writers made a great turn. It made me want to see more of the drama.

So, how about you guys? Which Korean dramas made your watch list this month?

Moon Geun Young and Kim Bum are Officially Dating

As I was browsing Facebook yesterday, I came across a photo of one of my favorite Korean actresses, Moon Geun Young and her co-star in Goddess of Fire, Kim Bum, wherein they announced that the two are officially dating!! Well, I was in a great shock since I was not expecting that. I heard rumors of Jang Geun Suk and Moon Geun Young before since they knew each other way way back but as for Kim Bum, I was just speechless.

kim and moon couple

Since the drama, Goddess of Fire, was filmed longer than the usual 16 episodes, I think working together for many days and nights was a big factor for both actors to grow fondness with each other.

Anyway, they are still in the “getting-to-know-each-other” stage and I wish them all the best! I am a forever fan of Moon Geun Young and I wish her all the happiness she deserves! As for Kim Bum, please don’t hurt our Moonie. Take care of her and treat her well!